Continuous and wide-ranging consultations with stakeholders both in the partner countries and in the EU ensure a high degree of transparency of the evaluation, as well as enrich the analysis with information “from the ground”, and provide feedback on draft results. The main channels for communication and consultation – apart from this website and social media – are:

  • Interviews and surveys, including online surveys, with key stakeholders;
  • Civil society dialogue meetings in the EU; and
  • Stakeholder workshops in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

We held a range of interviews and one-to-one meetings with private sector and civil society organisations and other key stakeholders, both in the EU and the three Andean Countries (Colombia, Peru and Ecuador).

In addition, two online surveys, aimed at different target groups were open until early May 2021.

General online public consultation on the Agreement

Survey for businesses/MSMEs


Civil society dialogue (CSD) meetings organised by DG Trade are regular meetings where civil society and the Commission discuss about the EU’s trade policy. Three such meetings were devoted to discuss the evaluation:

For further details, in particular regarding conditions of participation and registration, please consult DG Trade’s CSD website.

Workshops were held in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador to present and discuss the preliminary analysis conducted to date and collect additional information from national interest groups:

  • Colombia: 02 and 05 March 2021;
  • Ecuador: 11 & 12 March 2021;
  • Peru: 17 & 18 March 2021.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the workshops took place as virtual workshops (Zoom webinars).

For more information (e.g. agenda, report, presentations), please switch to Spanish.